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You Have Less Than A Second To Make A Good First Impression 

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website Design

Visual Storytelling

In today’s age of overloading information, we have always been attracted to find better ways to improve heavy content communication. There’s a satisfying challenge stemming from creating a great website that can express so much through so little clutter.

A genuinely well-designed website experience’s emotional impact remains with users even after they have navigated away from a site. People don’t always remember the exact details that they saw on each page, but they do remember the overall feel. All important factors to consider are the information you deliver, the way you present it, and the emotional impact it has on your audience.

Gear up for an impact

Its Time To Have A Great Website!

We at Koko don’t believe that we are just another web design service. We believe that your website is the natural extension of the story of your brand which sets the tone for your online presence. Great web design pushes the boundaries between a three-column static layout and offers immersive interactive experience for users.


User Experience (UX)

User-centric, based on conversion.

A stand-out user experience (UX) complimented by a good user interface (UI) is the best way to connect with the audience and ensure on-site interaction. UX and UI have to go hand in hand to optimize experiences with the customer.

UI and UX together create a good user experience that takes the user on a predefined journey, known as user flow. We ensure the experience is one that meets the business goals directly while meeting the needs and interests of the customer. To link brands with the people who matter most, an integrated digital experience is needed.


Web Design & Development

But what makes a good website isn’t just in design.

When done correctly, it also can be an amazing marketing tool that drives revenue growth every day. It has to impress the socks off your target audience (if you don’t, your competitors will) and really express your brand personality with flair and taste.

Generic web design is forgotten, and blending into the crowd is not good enough. We are with you every step of the way to ensure that your website achieves its goals & gets the attention your company deserves.


Content & SEO

Content is King

The message needs to be delivered clearly, meaning that you create interest and reputation while meeting the business goals and your user’s goals. We design and create high-end websites that captivatingly tell your brand’s tale. Our creative engineering initiatives will enhance your reputation and recognition from corporate websites to campaign landing pages through e-platforms.

We optimize usability, speed, SEO and conversion, collaborating with you to develop a sleek, streamlined website user interface that provides a frictionless experience. Your guests will spend just split seconds worrying about how to navigate, allowing them to concentrate on your message alone, the importance of your calls to action, and your brand’s dedication.

Our web process

Stand Out
From The Competitors

1. Digital Strategy

Our design process starts with knowing the website’s identity, needs, business goals and objectives, and creating a schedule and project plan that suits you.


2. Research

To develop a customized strategy and design, we perform extensive research on your market, competitors, audience and interview internal stakeholders.


3. User Experience

For your project, we create a sitemap and a wireframe. This helps us to identify your new website’s key features, functionalities, and layout and allow design details.

  • Persona development
  • Tasklist creation
  • Wireframing

4. Content Strategy

Working collaboratively with your staff, we will decide what material is necessary and useful for your website and where it should be put for maximum impact.

  • Review current material
  • Content migration strategy
  • New content & messaging

5. Development

We design the graphics and visual elements required to make your website come alive.

  • Design multiple site concepts
  • Front end development
  • Back end development


6. Optimisation

We don’t just chuck the keys at you when we launch your new site and run. We guide you through the CMS, teach you how to use it (and how not to use it), and make sure that it is handled easily by everyone who touches the website.


  • User testing
  • Deployment
  • Training