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Website Maintenance

Need Help With Your Website? Look No Further.

Keeping up your WordPress site’s technological maintenance will boost user usability and maximise your web site search. Our plans are tailored for consumers who want to upgrade their content themselves, but do not want to deal with software changes or security issues. Perhaps you need a little extra help sometimes? To support you and your workers too, Koko is available here for you.


  • Theme and plugin support
  • Fixing error and bug
  • Migration of websites
  • Cleaning and protection of malware

Monthly WordPress Maintenance Plans

Our maintenance plans for WordPress enable you to create unlimited work on the website without limited working hours. Furthermore, we can back up your site, update your core WordPress, plugins and topics every day, and keep track of your web security, website health and website speed continuously.


Website Support

Our mission is to ensure that every single website that has subscribed to our plans is up-to-date and always stable.


Managed Updates

We look after all your theme and plugin updates of WordPress to ensure that your site does not break.


Hardened Security

We secure your site against malicious attacks and malware, immediately fix the discovered vulnerabilities and keep it safe.



Stored and never removed backups from your website at least twice a day.


Initial Website Audit

Our engineers will check your Website manually, document how it works, and make advice if necessary.


24/7 Engineer Monitoring

Koko experts are constantly monitoring your site: automatically alerted when issues occur, and ensuring optimal performance and security.

Our malware database contains more than 10 million hack variations that we’re checking your site for.


Expert WordPress Support

Do you have a issue with your WordPress and you need some help? Expert WordPress Help

Or maybe you want a company for your hosting and updating?

At Koko, WordPress we have helped since it was born; we didn’t see or address many problems a dozen times. We know the most common plugins and topics and can monitor even customised settings. We also offer extensive website maintenance, including a full initial safety audit on the website, along with a fast repair.

    Here are some common WordPress tasks we can carry out for you. We can also support personalised tasks that meet our service standards.

    We don’t just support WordPress; We can support any website software including Wix and Shopify. not simply WordPress.


    • Defend From Hacking

    It is important, not only to clean the infection, but to stop it from happening any more if your website was defaced by malicious third parties. We will delete the source of the problem, add some protection to your site, and set up a defence line with our backups in the future.


    • Proactive Monitoring

    Our advanced monitoring system automatically performs monitoring to ensure that sites function as appropriate. If downtime is detected, a task is automatically created and an expert begins an immediate examination of the problem. Only on a maintenance plan available.

    • Regular Updates

    All plugins and topics must be updated with WordPress. Updates can cause conflicts or mistakes or conflict with web server settings such as PHP. Everything’s going to be taken care of for you.

    • Speed up a WordPress Site

    A slow site is forcing customers elsewhere. We can optimise this by reducing loading times, for instance by caching data to stop a site being. This can reduce the bounce rate on your website and improve the experience of your visitors.


    • WordPress Migration

    Do you need to move your site? We will deal with this for you, guaranteeing 100% uptime and consistency of data. You can even change your DNS before you go live to the new site and preview your site.

    One Time Task

    $149 fixed fee

    Any website, any task–a single fix by our specialist team. We will immediately begin working on your website. You don’t have to host us.

    Care Plan

    $119 / month

    For mainly static sites, designed and rarely modified.

    Our renowned service involves reporting, backups, plug-in updates, and security. We’re going to make sure your site is running smoothly.

    Managed hosting*
    Audit, onboarding and relocation of sites
    Maintenance & Proactive Updates
    Maintenance Tasks & One Custom Task
    24/7 engineer monitoring
    Basic Malware Removal
    Monitoring Errors and Outages
    Firewall Protection – Security Extras
    Weekly Cloud Backups

    Ultimate Support Plan

    $249 / month

    Designed for websites that often change

    Our ultimate plan incorporates all the advantages of our renowned care plan, plus 2 hours of Koko support each month.

    Managed hosting*
    Audit, onboarding and relocation of sites
    Maintenance & Proactive Updates
    Maintenance Tasks & One Custom Task
    24/7 engineer monitoring
    Basic Malware Removal
    Monitoring Errors and Outages
    Firewall Protection – Security Extras
    Weekly Cloud Backups

    Our Promise to you

    Each task which we undertake is handled by an experienced WordPress specialist, whose main task is to ensure that your problem is sorted quickly and effectively and that you are satisfied with the service that you receive.

    • Satisfaction is guaranteed. We’re going to refund you if you’re not happy with the work we did.
    • Quick response to this. Most of the issues are resolved within 2 hours!
    • Effective team. Site support is our only role; it is not a value- service. It’s the only focus.
    • Backups always first. We’re going to take backups before starting any work, which means we can roll back at any time if there are any issues.

    More WordPress Task Examples

    Recall that we can also do domain, hosting, and other software tasks. In addition, you can ask for a personalized task!


    Fix Connectivity Issue

    If you have a timeout, or slow site, it may result in a third-party site or file connexion error. We will recognise the problem and give you the necessary workaround or steps.


    Fix Contact Forms

    Contact forms can make essential mistakes or simply not correctly supply mail. We can diagnose and find a solution by working on the logic of where the mail goes and why it may not come.


    Restrict Website Access

    Lock website access to specific sites or block entire countries or specific website users. Either via .htaccess server level file, or a WordPress plugin. This can happen.


    Fix Broken Links

    As most WordPress links are dynamically generated, dead links are generally hard links that have not been updated following a URL, a plugin, or a theme change in the WordPress database or cache. They may need to be updated manually to avoid confusing customers.


    Fix Configuration File

    The core of your system is the WordPress configuration file which sets the main features and links your website with your database. An error may break or make your site more difficult


    Fix Screen Of Death

    The result are usually php errors or timeouts in white death screens. In order to identify and fix the offending cause, our tech team will follow one-by-one process.


    Fix Media Upload Errors

    File uploads may either fail or fail silently. Usually this is a simple fix-either upload path or folder permissions. Let us make it work as intended.


    Fix Plugin Errors

    Our experts will diagnose the problem with a plugin, perhaps a php error or conflict, that you have installed.


    (Re)Install WordPress

    Set up your webspace for a brand new WordPress installation or reset an existing site. This is always done manually if you do not want to use an auto-installer.


    Reset Admin Passwords

    Lost the password of your admin? We will reset, supply and audit existing users on your WordPress site via our secured data system.


    Update Plugins

    The main cause of hacked WordPress sites is outdated and vulnerable plugins. We update plugins to the latest stable version, and inform you about vulnerabilities of plugins that require removal.


    Install Theme

    Do you want to instal a new theme? We will live it and configure it as necessary for you.


    Website Support

    Our mission is to ensure that every single website that has subscribed to our plans is up-to-date and always stable.


    Update WordPress

    The most recent stable version of WordPress update. We will reinstall WordPress completely if necessary, keeping your post and styling. This can also be requested monthly as a repetitive job.


    Update CSS

    CSS controls the site design, the font size adjustment, colour adjustment etc. This requires the development of a child topic so that updates to the themes do not reverse our changes.


    Install Demo Content

    Would you like to see how your website looks if you had a lot of content? We’ll pump a load of content on to the site and remove it if you don’t need it anymore.


    Install Google Analytics

    Follow Google Analytics ‘ visitors to the site and performance. Send us the tracking code and we will put it in the correct place for you and if necessary create a children’s theme.


    Install a Plugin

    Do you want to instal a plugin? We can instal and configure it for you, so that no third party conflicts.


    Set up WordPress SSL

    If not properly installed, SSL certificates can cause WordPress problems. Every content should run at https:/ and unsecured links to the secure version should be redirected.